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  • Positive Environmental Practices

University of Granada is a University engaged with environmental protection. Since 2000 we are hardly working for transforming our behavior and making a green University. Our aim has not only being green sustained; we would like to have a final positive environmental impact in the environment as a result of University activities. Green sustainability is involved in everything we do: researching, teaching and supporting activities as administration, management, maintenance, canteens, university residences and so on. In order to be a Green University, we certificated all our buildings under an ISO 14001 standard since 2008. And from 2000 we have a service that is responsible about environmental issues about our University. Feel free to ask for whatever thing in relation with environmental skills here:

Unidad de Calidad Ambiental (958 24 83 85/

University of Granada also organizes volunteer activities and environmental education programs named ECOCAMPUS. As long as you are part of the University Community, you can take part on it. Join us!! Every single action you take impacts the environment. Take a look at the following list to see how your behaviors compare to those of a true environmental steward.

If you discover you aren't already implementing many of these practices you may wish to evaluate which changes are easier for you to adopt first.

Everyone can't do everything, but everyone can do something!

  1. REDUCE, REUSE, REPAIR AND RECYCLE as much as you can.
  2. Reduce your energy usa. Be careful about your plugas, lights and informatics systems.
  3. Walking and biking is the best option for your health and also for reducind pollution. Do it!
  4. At the laboratory, cleanind is needid, waste water and energy is a choice.
  5. Take the stairs instead of the lift.
  6. Be silent and respectful with your partner.
  7. Reduce your water consumption.
  8. Firstly, choice goods with green label or non-hazardous for the environment.
  9. Enjoy Green food. More flavour, healthier and better to reduce our environmental footprint.

Join us! Please, ask to Environmnetal Quiality Office your green questions and give to us your suggestions.